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By purchasing products in our page you accept everything stated below. 




-General Information-


The objects/items are casted in durable resin. The color may vary due to the piece. All items will be produced and shipped from the EU.

Pieces should be primed to have the best result when painting.

The designs featured on this page are created to fit Hellboy from 1000toys but it can also work with Mythic Legions and Mezco with minor modifications.

Products will ship as soon as we can pack them. Products are already on limited stock.


Items will be shipped from Spain once orders are packed.

Shipping will be done via Correo Español with a fixed price (varies depending on your location).  If at the moment of shipping it costs more or less to ship to your location we will contact you to settle the situation.

Depending on where you live, your package will be shipped at a later time due to Covid-19. 

When the package has been shipped an email with the tracking code will be sent to notify you. If all orders have been shipped and you didnt receive a tracking code please mesage us so we can share yours with you.


We intend that all our pieces are ever green-available for purchase and production all the time but since this pieces are outsourced we have limited stock. We are not sure if we are producing this pieces ever again.


Planetary Dog Toys shop, design, production, shipping, web design, social media and customer service is managed by 4 people with day to day lives and we try to offer the best service we can. When purchasing from this shop you accept that this pieces cant/shouldnt be casted, scanned or reproduced in any way shape or form.

This site is intended for adult collectors. Products sold on this site are only intended for adult collectors. If you are under 18, you may use this site only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Since this are casts from a 3d print piece you will notice that the final product has some 3d print lines, bumps, deformations or scratches. This is all normal and they are not visible unless you are looking for them.

If the piece arrives to you broken we will issue a refund inmediately. We will request a video of the destruction of the broken piece.

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