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The objects/items are 3D printed in resin. The color may vary due to availabilty.

The resin shouldnt be exposed to the sun since it can be overcured (that can either crack the resin or or make it cloudy).

In order to paint the prints they should be primed first(if not the paint will fall off). After being primed you can expose the prints to the sun since the resin is no longer exposed to the UV light.

The designs featured in this page are created to fit most of 1/12 figures.

Items will be shipped from the US as they are printed. Standar shipping for the US will be by USPS Priority Mail 1-2 days and will only be available for the US. If you live outside the US send us a message so we can quote how much would it cost to send it to you. Depending on where you live, your package will be shipped at a later time due to Covid-19. Shipping costs will be calculated based on your Zip/postal code and location.

Depending on the disponibility of the printers shipping might be hurried/delayed. When the package has been shipped an email will be sent to notify.

The designs featured in this page are owned by Planetary Dog Toys.

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