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What material is used for printing?
The objects/items from Planetary Dog Toys© are 3D and printed in resin. Some may be casted in durable or flexible resin.
Due to the nature of the 3D printing, you may notice some small bumps, scratches, indentations or tiny holes on your Planetary Dog Toys© pieces. This is completely normal and is easily resolved by either lightly sanding these areas down with high grit sand paper, adding some clay to a hole, or by priming and painting. 
Currently all our pieces are generally sanded for "easy to paint" action. If there are any protrusion or supports left attached to your figure, we kindly ask you to lightly sand them.

For what types of figures are these pieces suitable?
The designs featured on this page are created to fit most of 1/12 Mythic Legion figures but not all of them. In case you want a specific fit, contact us through email or Instagram and we will reply as soon as possible.
Which precautions should I have regarding my pieces?
The resin shouldn't be exposed to the sun- it can be overcured which can either crack the resin or make it cloudy.
In order to paint your Planetary Dog Toys© pieces we suggest use a coat of primer first.

Printing in colours

Is the colour always the same?
In case of the regular resin pieces, the tone will be always the same. However, the colour may vary due to availability.

Can I choose the colour of my pieces?
Yes, you can! 
In case you go for the coloured resin -instead of the regular resin-, we can print your pieces in the following colours: green / red / turquoise / yellow / purple / orange / pink / clear resin (transparent).
In that case, you will have to email us within 10 minutes from making the purchase so that we can update your colour choices in our database (do not worry if we do not reply soon, we will get back to you as soon as we can but we do verify the time gap the email was sent regarding the purchase ).

Printing process & post production

When are my pieces printed?
Production will start after the raffle that takes place every month. Each month’s raffle is announced through our Newsletter (if you have not subscribed yet, you can do it by filling up your email address at the bottom of our main web page: and, also, through our Instagram account @planetarydogforge – make sure you follow us! 
After the raffle we print and post produce each piece, so we ship the orders within three (3) to four (4) weeks since we start this process. 
We understand that this may seem like a relatively long timeframe, but remember! Our creations are not mere products, but rather tailor-made works of art. We invest a considerable amount of time and dedication to ensure that each piece is up to the highest quality standards. So, we can confidently affirm that the wait is unquestionably justified!
A few considerations regarding your pieces…
If you want to plug any of the pieces to any part, don't force it! Sand the resin piece instead until it fits properly without any force.
Resin pieces are brittle and should be treated as such. Heating resin printed parts doesn't work like with injected plastic parts, it works a bit more like glass. We suggest you handling with care.
Pieces might need sanding or filling to fit with produced figures. You can use putty, some paper or silicone.

My pieces are marked, why?
If you notice markings of white or any colours, it means that your piece has been tested to ensure it works properly.
If the piece feels sticky, has uncured resin smell/alcohol, put it in the sun light (not direct sunlight) or let it dry for a couple of minutes and let it rest. Don't let the piece overheat.
Markings or scratches generally are superficial and they are not noticeable after a coat of primer or paint. If the piece is broken or severely scratched, contact us! 


Where are my orders shipped from?
Items are shipped from Spain as they are printed, post-produced and prepared for shipping there. We use the shipping service Correo Español which is the standard courier service for Spain with fixed prices per size and weight.
Once the package is shipped you will receive an email from our shop informing your tracking number.
Once the package leaves Spain the package is received by the country service you ordered from. Lately, they haven't been updating the tracking numbers so once it leaves Spain there is no more information about the order unless we request it (once we contact the Spanish courier, information being delivered may take up to a week).
Once receiving confirmation of the package being shipped consider that the package can take between 3 to 6 weeks to arrive due to how shipping systems in general are too packed. The ETA may vary each month and to the rest of countries.

I have not received my order, what can I do?
If you haven’t received your package after 6 weeks since receiving your tracking number, please contact us providing us with your Order number and we will request for information to the courier (this request may take up to a month to be answered – sometimes the packages arrive to its destination before we receive an answer ). If your package has been lost, we will print and send the pieces again. 
Depending on where you live, your package may take more time to arrive.

I live in the USA, is the shipping timeline the same?
No, in case of US orders, we ship them in bulk and then redistribute them once inside the USA.
After the bulk is sent to the US, you will receive an email notifying you that you will not be able to use the CS code if you have already made a purchase.
Sometimes US customs might hold the package for some days (generally 20 days up to a month) and that is out of our control. In that case, we kindly ask for your understanding if the packages are delayed.

Shop Policies

Are your pieces always available at the shop?
We intend that all our pieces are ever-green available for purchase and production. But, keep an eye on our newsletter and our social media! We update our shop with new items and designs once a month! Make sure you do not miss it!

When can I get free shipping on my second order?
You will be able to use the CS code to get free shipping when buying more than once on the same month. In case you’ve already made a purchase and if thinking to buy again, please make sure you email us before so that we can provide you with exact information regarding the status of your first purchase. In that case, we will be able to confirm you whether you can still use the code (in case we have not shipped your package yet) or not (in case we have already shipped it).
In case you paid the shipping fee by mistake, do not worry! You will be receiving a refund 

What happens if the raffle has already happened?
After the raffle takes place, you will have to pay the shipping fee again, given that by that time the orders will be in the production phase or may have been already sent. In case of any doubt, you can contact us to know your order status.

Refund Policy

We can only offer a refund assurance if the items have not yet been manufactured. Your opportunity to request a refund will extend until the Sunday immediately following the purchase date -no exception-.
In case one of the packages is lost we will offer to re print the order and ship it to a different address. We won't issue refunds for late or lost packages.
We may choose to give refunds in special situations or when we deem necessary.

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