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Holiday Special pieces, Colors and 4" pieces

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Holiday Special Heads

The Christmas themed pieces will be only available during December!

4 inch pieces

A new size category of pieces has been added to the shop. You can find the 4 inch pieces on the size filter area on our shop. We have adapted a vast selection of our most popular sculpts to this scale. We plan to add more in the future so stay tunned!

Colored pieces

You can now order any piece(available for purchase) from our catalog in translucent colors. You can select from the colors in the picture below(more colors to come). Once you select your items and place your order send an email to with the following information:

-Subject: Order number+colored resin

-In your email copy and paste the name of the items you want in colors, the amount of the item and the color. The information provided in the email has to coincide with your order.

-Keep in mind that we will only take into account emails sent during the next 10 minutes after making the order. Emails received after this time period will be ignored.

Merry soon to be Christmas and Happy New Year!

Seba Dom

Planetary Dog Toys

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About how long does it take to receive item after shipping?

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