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Meant to be used with 1.0 Mythic Legions Figures. This kit includes all the pieces in white.


Long gone were the days when the Sunken Cities were at peace. Rust and corruption spread like disease, besieging everyone and everywhere where there was still some life. Because that's how war goes. Poseidón knew this, he knew himself at times of wrath, and knew that battling was part of the short lives of mortal beings. But this time, as darkness was expanding beyond anything he had ever seen before, he decided enough was enough. 

He vowed to keep the dephts clear of destruction, safe enough so life would go on. 

He assembled a crew of minions to guard the deepest oceans, to help and patrol his kingdom. He sent them to the darkest, most inhospitable parts of the ocean where chaos was born. He called them Abyssal Overseers, as he trained them to guard and protect life itself. 

Tides started to change. The dark started to retreat, and light was reflected as he brought it into the waters. Because he is the King of the Seven Seas.

Abyssal Overseer, Poseidon's Special Force Kit

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